Serena Obert

Serena Obert is a wedding planner, a job that requires the ability to translate ideas, feelings, and desires into real events.
Serena is careful to interpret tastes rather concentrating on current trends. With this unique sensitivity, she focuses on the finer points, knowing that every detail counts for creating a successful event.
Serena Obert will “put into action” dreams and desires, personalizing the event based on the clients’ wishes and adding creativity, originality, and good taste.
Serena Obert loves her profession, to which she brings her own knowledge of art, culture, and literature. She was a student of two of the most prominent Italian Wedding Designers: Enzo Miccio (founder of Garini della Sforzesca) and Stefania Poletti. From one, she takes pragmatism, elegance, and attention to detail; from the other, she borrows her delicate touch and romantic inspiration. Although keeping with traditions, Serena Obert also has a deep understanding of the “American model” of planning, represented by Martha Stewart, a true master in this line of work.
Serena takes inspiration from the American model of the wedding ceremony- scenic, particularly rich in colors, and featuring flower girls, bridesmaids, flower arches, and large and multi-level wedding cakes. Thanks to her constant research, she also offers a personalized touch. Creativity and originality go hand in hand, in a way that Serena Obert loves to define as “European” with an unmistakable touch of Italian elegance.