“Marriage happens only once in your life”: This may not be entirely true, but undoubtedly, each time it is unique.
For planning an unforgettable wedding, one must have clear ideas and a lot of experience. For this reason, it is recommended to work with a professional.
The Wedding Planner (WP) complements her experience with passion for her work, common sense, a dash of curiosity, creativity, intuition, good taste, and a network of professional collaborators.
All of this combines to guarantee a unique experience and allows everyone to enjoy the special event.
The WP, after having listened to couple’s needs, envisions their beautiful story as in a movie, transforming herself into the director, costume designer, cinematographer, light technician, or any role that will create a dreamlike atmosphere and  give life to this unique and unforgettable occasion.
Concretely, this means taking care of everything related to the wedding and leaving the couple the more pleasant and exciting details. The couple can count on the Wedding planner for answers to any of their doubts and may delegate any number of tasks to her professional management.
In essence, the Wedding Planner must have organizational skills that enable her to be a real problem solver. She will take care of the coordination with suppliers, without ever taking over or making decisions on behalf of the couple. Her expertise will optimize the time for preparations and she will make sure the event will runs on schedule.
A good wedding planner always carries a complete emergency kit to deal with any eventuality.
To fulfill couple’s desires, the wedding planner analyzes their needs, revises their budget and always seeks to find the best value for their money. The Wedding Planner keeps in mind such essential elements like the professionalism of the supplier (personally selected with care), the location of the event, the type of decor, the setting, the linens, the pottery, and other such details. The wedding planner never forgets that every wedding is unique.
Another key aspect of the work of the Wedding Planner is the attention to etiquette, to good taste and to balance, never forcing traditions on the event and always being mindful of innovations (trends, new materials, and new technologies).
The clients contacting a wedding planner may already have their projects defined and only need a person to carry them out, or, on the contrary, they may only have a vague idea and rely on the Wedding Planner for all planning stages.